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Kurush Mistry is a globally recognized commodities analyst specializing in Oil and Renewable Fuels. Born in India, Mistry qualified from India’s top management school and has had a varied career at leading organizations, spanning multiple significant transitions. Also passionate about music and an avid traveler, Mistry blends professionalism in his work with a vibrant life as a proud New Yorker.

After studying Commerce at college in Chennai, India, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, the equivalent to a Certified Public Accountant in the US, earning all-India ranks in all three qualifying exams. With this solid foundation, wanting to explore a broader opportunity and knowledge set, he then pursued an MBA at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, focusing on finance, where he was exposed to the latest business concepts, worked in teams with colleagues from diverse educational backgrounds, and learned to blend knowledge with problem-solving and effective communication.

Kurush’s professional journey, punctuated by decisive transitions and steep learning curves, commenced in 2003 at Lehman Brothers, Tokyo. He was recruited after his MBA to serve in their Interest Rate Strategies Team. This opportunity gave Kurush his first taste of an international corporate environment.

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